• September 10th is the day of RedDog Pre-symposiums of 13th BJSAVA Annual Congress. RedDog will disclose the result of clinical nutrition contest at the pre-convention. RedDog Medical nutrition practice is jointly host by the RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute and Doctor Xiao Nuan and cooperated with School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, Davis, to provide chance of visiting trip for excellent veterinarians to UC Davis and will be possibly as RedDog national lecturer with pay! It is reported that RedDog focuses on clinical nutrition and develops clinical nutrition products to create and satisfy particular and picky demands from more and more user by the national large-scale activities. By cooperation with School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, RedDog utilizes global technology and resources to help Chinese vets establish perfect clinical system of "diagnosis and treatment, medicine, nutrition".

    School of veterinary medicine, UC Davis, as one of the Tier-1 top notching universities and public ivies, ranks the first all year round in the globe for its veterinary profession, which is famous in veterinary circles and dream place for most vets. RedDog specially invited visiting professors and positioned Professor to be clinical nutrition consultant who set up courses “UC Davis Companion Animal Medical Nutrition System” for the study tour over 9 nights.RedDog veterinarians in China provide the vet systematic and professional educational courses of clinical nutrition and clinical solution to improve China's veterinary clinical nutrition therapy and to achieve more accurate nutrition treatment level.

    Pre-symposiums keynote speakers will be Professor Jonathan stockman from America and Associate Professor Hua Changmin from Central China Agricultural University.

    Jonathan Stockman is ACVN certified nutrition experts. In addition to working in the clinical field, he also conducts research of canine and feline nutriology in School of veterinary medicine, UC Davis at the same time. and the main campus about dog and cat nutrition research. This time he presented speech of “dog nutrition management of urinary tract disease” and “severely ill or hospitalized care of animal nutrition” amounted 4 hours in total to share conducive courses.

    Hu Changmin, Associate Professor from Central China Agricultural University, is not only the executive director of college of veterinary surgeons of China and the small animal medical association of Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, but also deputy director of Wuhan husbandry veterinary medical association small animal veterinary association council .He once engaged in clinical technical research in Japan Fukuoka Yasu animal hospital and was once the visiting scholar to College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. The meeting will focus on sharing with you the expertise “dog joint disease of nutrition management”.

    RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute is committed to providing systematic and professional education courses of clinical nutrition solution as to enhance China's veterinary clinical nutrition therapy to achieve more accurate nutrition treatment level. At the same time, RedDog is striving for completing Chinese pet hospital holistic system construction of diagnosis and treatment, medicine and nutrition," to make up the shortage of supplementation.