• Abstract: on May 22, 2017, RedDog convened preconvention during the 9th China East and West Small animal clinical veterinary conference and held the “pet system training of clinical nutrition and RedDog pre-contest of veterinary competition".

    Site of conference

    (Dr.Scott Campbell Scene of Professor lecturing)

    The RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute invited Professor Dr. Scott Campbell, the Australian animal nutrition expert, to make an academic exchange with veterinarians on the scene to discuss the importance of pet clinical nutrition. He instructed to veterinarians in the class about "the clinical nutrition of severely ill pets" and "the clinical nutrition of obese pets", and shared the clinical data of UC Davis.

    (Hu Changmin Scene of Professor lecturing)

    At the same time, the RedDog specially invited consultant Professor Hu Changmin (research supervisor of Central China Agricultural University) to impart knowledge regarding "hospital set up clinical diagnosis and treatment, medicine, nutrition," system and to guide how to better operate their vet hospital for providing the most valuable products and services to pet.

    In this preconvention, RedDog launched the “school visiting strip to school of veterinary medicine, UC Davis" through two ways of participation. First way: to participate in "RedDog competition of“clinical nutrition practice”, way 2 is to participate in the "China youth veterinary clinical case competition " jointly held by RedDog and BJSAVA. By winning the competition, they may obtain the opportunity to certify qualification of visiting the global NO.1 school of veterinary medicine at UC Davis.