• Introduction:

    On March 13, the “Animal Joint Academic Report and RedDog Joint Support (Beijng) New Product Training”, jointly marched by RedDog and BJSAVA Annual Congress", was held in the grand Plaza Hotel in Beijing. Veterinarians came as promised and the meeting was full of packed audience.


    Site of conference

    Liu Lang (left) addressed "Leading domestic teachers of pet osteology gather together"; RedDog national sales director, Wang Yin (right), share his experience of "how veterinary pat attention to pet clinical nutrition".

    Professor Pan qingshan, leader of small animal surgery, imparted knowledge and shared experience of "elbow joint anatomy and imaging" and "arm bone fracture and elbow surgery technique" (left). Hu Changmin (middle), professor of College of Veterinary Medicine of Central China Agricultural University, systematically presented the joint structure and characteristics of dog and cat, and the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases and clinical nutrition management. Chen Hongwu (right), Master in clinical veterinary medicine at China agricultural university, specialized in the “diagnosis and treatment of the canine and feline cruciate ligament disease”, and the “diagnosis and treatment of delamination patella” conducted in-depth analysis.

    Interaction: the veterinarians participated during interaction session in the meeting.

    RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute serves veterinary practitioners.

    RedDog veterinarians in China provide the vet systematic and professional educational courses of clinical nutrition and clinical solution to improve China's veterinary clinical nutrition therapy and to achieve more accurate nutrition treatment level. At the same time, the whole system of "diagnosis, medicine and nutrition" of pet hospital in China was established to make up for the shortage of nutrition and health care.