Brand & Service

  •       Brand Orientation: focus on pet-centered mission and let pet be healthier

          Brand Appeal:recommended and used brand by clinical veterinarians

          Brand Vision:committd to becoming the first brand of “world companion animal health management”.

          5S Service Ideas: Smile, Speciality, Sincerity, Satisfaction, Study.

          Milan Kundera says that dog is bond between paradise and us. Sitting side by side with dog at the river bank at dust feels like being back to the Garden of Eden.Since the arrival of pet,mankind’s emotional world becomes less egoistic but emerge something much soft and pure and more than expressed. The Garfield owner indicates that cats are actually aliens cheatin for food in homes. Although it is the nature of pet, we are still willling to devote to them.

    When affection to pet turns profound and deep, emotional relatedness that is unbreakable rises. Pets are not for playing and entertaining anymore, but are spiritual soul of human. Pet’s longevity is generally shorter than human and they spend their life accompanying with us, what can we do for them?

          edDog’s Hope: Let our pet be healthier.

          RedDog has been favouring life attitude of caring pet’s health since its establishment, hoping people can learn the scientific method to resolve pet health problems thus to realize that caring pet is our responsiblity and obtain positive energy therefrom. RedDog believes that people could serve pet’s health by taking advantage of professional skills and stay harmony with pets. RedDog dedicates to protecting pet’s health while addressing pet health problems of owners.