• Charity campaign. RedDog links public good, assisting the “Third Dog Adoption Day” benevolent activities. Date of Issue:2017-10-12

    On Oct. 8, 2015, Shenzhen Dog Protection Association (SDPA) held “The Third Shenzhen Dog Adoption Day” mega public interest activity. RedDog also participated in the event and responded slogan “Love ends vagrancy, share our homes with stray animals” together with association and was dedicated to the large public charity sale in “Third Shenzhen Dog Adoption Day.[Details]

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  • Charity campaign! Taking public services with RedDog attitude Date of Issue:2017-10-12

    Introduction: RedDog is committed to commonweal and continues to spread love: RedDog is a brand among pet industry and has responsibility to work in public interest activity. RedDog, utilizing its own resources and technology and according to product structure and operating features, rules out a systematic and perfect commonweal strategy. [Details]

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  • RedDog and chongnuo novels Date of Issue:2017-10-12

    Chongnuo charity campaign aims to idea of protecting animal and appeal of legislating in order to find home for stray animals. Monthly holding “Chongnuo Commonweal Day” adoption event to help more stray animals walk into a warm family. Meanwhile, it publicize to all the ideal of protecting animals, adopting instead of purchasing, objectively and rationally calling for legal institution and humanity.[Details]

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Public welfare project

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    “A love for a nutrition”Charity collection project now begins!

    Date of Issue:2017-10-12

Charity Cooperation Declaration