“A love for a nutrition”Charity collection project now begins!
  • “one nutrition, one love” is a project host by RedDog Commonweal aiming to resolve all various of demand or provide nutraceutical supplement for stray animals. Through this project, we jointly combine small animal protection and aids organization and charitable institute and cooperate to develop in public interest career to provide substance and supplement for those stray animals in need. RedDog, as one of brands on pet industry, is eligible to dedicate to charity career and issue charitable collection project opened up to national small animal protection organization and institute by using its own resources and technology advantage.

    Collection object: public good organization and institute of national small animal protection, civil aids group or individual.

    Project application date: from now until December 30, 2018

    Project application method: click into RedDog Commonweal page and fill the information in the cooperation declaration and depict details and then confirm submission.

    Attn: RedDog Pet Commonweal

    Contact: 400-7888-388

           What partner we need?
           1、Aids organization or individual who regularly provides rescue to small animal.
           2、Strong controllability in executing project.
           3、Project beneficial group.
           4、Strong execution ability in project.
           5、During execution of public activity, related information should be made public in time.
           Remarks: you could choose any city where public good organization locates to open charity campaign.

           What do we provide?
           1Sponsored product by RedDog
           RedDog uses resources and technology advantage of itself, and combine with charity activity to acid small animals as well as reasonably allocate the required product.
           2Joint promotion of charitable activity
           Combine its platform and promotion channel to disclose transparent report of the activity.
           3Co-undertake the material of charitable activity
           Provide support for the preparation of the material arranged for the charitable activity.