• Chongnuo charity campaign aims to idea of protecting animal and appeal of legislating in order to find home for stray animals. Monthly holding “Chongnuo Commonweal Day” adoption event to help more stray animals walk into a warm family. Meanwhile, it publicize to all the ideal of protecting animals, adopting instead of purchasing, objectively and rationally calling for legal institution and humanity.

    Chongnuo Commonweal holds one charity campaign monthly for the sake of finding warm homes to those stray animals and publicizing idea of protecting and caring animals to irrigate ordinary folks with purpose and significance of animal protection and to introduce the existing condition of stray animals, which echo us to give me care to disadvantaged group and share our love to homeless animals. Public Interest Day strives for improving animal welfare and relieving economic burden of salvors, building commonweal brand and consummating public interest mechanism, integrating caring resources and publicizing scientific knowledge and idea of refusing consuming them. If you don’t have love on them, then please do not hurt them. Chongnuo Commonweal spreads love to everyone.

    RedDong will not withdraw back in public good. RedDog always forwards on the road of love.

    RedDog will sponsor every hold of Chongnuo Commonweal with action. RedDog will be incumbent on charity campaign and provide supplements and nutraceuticals. RedDog not only have given supplements, but have presented pen, notebook and goodie bag for pet owners for their effort and support on the charitable activities.

    As the saying goes that one good turn deserves another; make a gift of rose, hand stay lingering fragrance. There is close of charity campaign, but idea of transmitting public good runs a long course. Donating our love doesn’t mean seeking for fame and benefit but sincerely return to our society. RedDog pioneers in the front of pet industry and takes the duty as a leader who direct pet prospective to a correct orientation and usher social trend.