• Introduction: RedDog is committed to commonweal and continues to spread love: RedDog is a brand among pet industry and has responsibility to work in public interest activity. RedDog, utilizing its own resources and technology and according to product structure and operating features, rules out a systematic and perfect commonweal strategy.

    "“Pay attention to those stray animals and lend a helping hand to save a life."
    —— RedDog

    The stray animals forage for food in the scrap heaps and hide under roof and in the corner curling up and tolerate painful sufferings, attempting caring and love from human. What can we do for them so? What can RedDog do for them either?

    RedDog acts on to assist rescue station, rescue organization and private group. Following increasing amount of stray cat and dog, it is limited to provide them with food and our energy, more problems will occur and be more difficult.

    RedDog provides nutrition assistance to stray animals and guarantees the daily basic rescue schedule, but due to rising amount of stray animal, our caring, energy and cost is refrained and most animals suffered nutrition deficiency.

    Help that RedDog affords is far not enough, it should need helping hand from all of us and give them love and warmth. Therefore, in the past one year, RedDog and Chongnuo Commonweal joined together to participate in various public interest events.

    Chongnuo Public Interest Day: Public Interest Day is a large online and offline activity aiming to find homes for stray animals and publicize idea of caring and protecting animals to irrigate ordinary folks with purpose and significance of animal protection and to introduce the existing condition of stray animals, which echo us to give me care to disadvantaged group and share our love to homeless animals. Public Interest Day strives for improving animal welfare and relieving economic burden of salvors, building commonweal brand and consummating public interest mechanism, integrating caring resources and publicizing scientific knowledge and idea of refusing consuming them.

    Chongnuo Commonweal Event sponsored is to encourage and call on adoption to stray animal. Meanwhile, the event presented each adopter and volunteer one goody bag of RedDog.

    Because of many of an encounter, RedDog cooperated with Chongnuo to step into places of Beijing and also because the beautiful encounter, we witnessed the effort we paid and achieved positive result in the past one year, for which we saw the growth of volunteer group rising up to 500 people and successfully held 16 activities in Chongnuo Adoption Day, not counted the rescue event, welfare event. This event marks completed adoption of over 100 cats and dogs.

    Each Adoption day held by Chongnuo is supported by RedDog; RedDog have recorded each picture of the moment of onsite activity; Reddog will be always appreciated and grateful for those who adopt cat and dog. In the past one year, we regarded RdDog Commonweal a new beginning and we will continue to be endeavor to assist adoption commonweal and propose adoption instead of purchasing.

    Caring stray animals and giving cat and dog warmth need social support and engagement. We advocate rescue of diversity and integrate social resource from all respects. Pointing at the origin of stray animals, we improve awareness to caring and protecting animals via propaganda and reduce happening of abandoning animals and positively give scientific help to stray animals.

    ——RedDog Pet Commonweal