• On Oct. 8, 2015, Shenzhen Dog Protection Association (SDPA) held “The Third Shenzhen Dog Adoption Day” mega public interest activity. RedDog also participated in the event and responded slogan “Love ends vagrancy, share our homes with stray animals” together with association and was dedicated to the large public charity sale in “Third Shenzhen Dog Adoption Day.

    Caring person were coming to the RedDog stand (left); employees of RedDog (middle); Xue Yunfang, Miss Universe of 2015 China also visited RedDog stand. (Right)

    The public charity sale provided Nutritional Gel, King-Cal, Hairball Solution and medicine feeding device for sale on site and donated the money collected therefrom to the SDPA.

    For the sake of inspiring and encouraging those caring persons who adopt dogs, RedDog presented RedDog products to those who adopt dog as well as donated RedDog products to association. RedDog has donated products to each person who care and adopt dog for free.