• Introduction:

    On March 3, RedDog has contracted the cooperative strategy agreement with Professor Jennifer Larsen of School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis. Professor Jennifer Larsen was then on site to sign the contract and witnessed the ceremony.

    In this ceremony of strategy cooperation, RedDog and Professor Jennifer Larsen establish new strategy partnership relationship, which strives for providing systematic and professional education courses of clinical nutrition solution as to enhance China's veterinary clinical nutrition therapy to achieve more accurate nutrition treatment level. At the same time, RedDog is striving for completing Chinese pet hospital holistic system construction of diagnosis and treatment, medicine and nutrition," to make up the shortage of supplementation and enable our expert vet to serve our pet healthcare industry.

    School of Veterinary Medicine ranks the first for three continuous year among all veterinary school in the globe and is the dreaming institution of 99% vets.

    Both sides indicates that they would conduct further and comprehensive cooperation and are dedicated to pet healthcare career and promoting clinical nutrition treatment level together forward.