• On September 10-13, RedDog came out several big events in Beijing, you know what these are? Our editor will take you for look at it.

    Events one: RedDog Special preconvention

    RedDog Special preconvention lasted from 8:30 am to 17:00 on 10th, Sep. in conference room 305 (A + B + C), our staffs began in the early morning preparation the gift for registration before the meeting.

    In the preconvention, RedDog announced the result of clinical nutrition contest and invited professor Jonathan Stockman from America and associate professor Hu Changmin from College from Veterinary Medicine, Central China Agricultural University to conduct academic sharing and guidance at the same time.

    Time Content Spokesman
    Award ceremony of the opening of "study tour to School of Veterinay Medicine, UC Davis"
    “dog nutrition management of urinary tract disease” Jonathan Stockman
    13:00—15:00 “dog joint disease of nutrition management” Hu Changmin
    15:00—15:40 New product presentation and tea break Huanglvsheng
    15:40—16:40 “severely ill or hospitalized care of animal nutrition” Jonathan Stockman
    16:40—17:00 On-site FAQ

    Before the start of the course, general manager of RedDog Mr. Wang Junjun awarded certificate of honor of "clinical nutrition practice contest" to the winners. Let’s give applause to congratulate the following winners.

    In the meeting, American Professor Jonathan Stockman carried a detailed explanation for “nutrition management of urinary tract of dogs” while Professor Hu Changmin interpreted “dog nutrition management of joint disease”, which benefited a lot from these two aspects to the vet.

    The activity in front desk presenting gift for free conditioned with registration is also very hot, and the on-site order is also indeed as expected with no one jumping the queue. After the meeting, the RedDog was still extremely heartfelt to furnish tea for you.

    Event 2: RedDog exhibition

    RedDog show was held from September 11th to 13th (booth number: golden medal 8, golden medal 9), the two booth merges together to make one. Have you seen such combination before? Hot as it always be, the neighbor exhibitors are so astonished.

    This exhibition activities are separated into two groups with one is "pet owner group" and the other is "vet group". Which one belongs to you? " pet owner group " is simpler, which requires people registered as RedDog members and type few words on Wechat Moment and collect 20 Likes to immediately get a "RedDog nutritional gel" while the vet should complete Purble Pairs game to seize the qualification of lucky draw. The prizes are also abundant and the extent of crowdedness evidences people like to be involved in the activity.

    Grand finale: the awards ceremony feast of "the 13th BJSAVA Annual Congress"

    The last thing to be congratulated was that RedDog was invited to attend the awards banquet of "13th BJSAVA Annual Congress”, the congress granted RedDog the "veterinary cooperation award".

    In the award banquet of the jointly organized “Chinese Youth Veterinarian Clinical History Contest” by RedDog and Beijing Small Animal Diagnosis Association, RedDog general manager Mr. Wang Junjun rewarded 8 outstanding young veterinarians with certificates of honor and 9-day free trip to School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis and RedDog products of value equal to fifty thousand.

    The "13th BJSAVA Annual Congress" closed with enthusiasm and cheer. Those who didn't visit on-site need not to be depressed, there is a chance next year open to you. At last, thank you very much for support, see you next year!