• In August 27th, Shanghai petfiar Asia welcomed a happy ending. RedDog also involved as exhibitor in this show with booth area of up to "192 ㎡. You could feel the enthusiasm and crowdedness if you were on site.

    Our show not only can play the lucky draw, but also can play games. RedDog has invested RedDog Nutrition Gel worth of three hundred thousand yuan for prize. In addition, there were more than 10,000 exquisite gifts to be the scene of the booth

    RedDog specially invited Professor Hu Changmin from Central China Agricultural University to interpret pet's nutrition and demand for owners. The audiences, called the "pet owners" are very focused in the lecture to learn more knowledge for future care of pet; In the interactive sessions they are also very positive to answer the question from the professor Hu!

    The exhibition has attracted many veterinarians and pet lovers from all over the world, who were proceeding communication about products and know-how of feeding pet with our staff on grey T-shirt.