• Abstract: In the 4 days of the successful exhibition from May 22th to 25, 2017, RedDog has play its wonderful role as exhibitor in participating in the 9th WESAVC. RedDog has completely embodied its brand influence in holistic way in promoted brand new RedDog Joint Support in the WESAVC and put forward the plan of study tour to school of veterinary medicine, UC Davis open to national vets. RedDog will continue to implement the obligation of serving vets.

    In the WESAVC, RedDog hold the preconvention with theme of “Pet clinical Nutrition System Training and RedDog initial round of veterinarian competition”. RedDog has invited Animal Clinical Nutrition expert Dr. Scott Campbell, who does major in veterinary science in Australia, to address courses of “severe diseased pet clinical nutrition” and “obese pet clinical nutrition” for the 300 invited vets regarding generalized clinical nutrition management issues as to further analyze the clinical practice and case. Meanwhile, RedDog has invited Professor Hu Changmin, also the advisor of RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute and research supervisor of Central China Agricultural University to make a speech on method of helping pet hospital establish a “diagnosis, medication and nutrition” clinical system.

    RedDog named the “fundamental open class” and “hospital management course” of WESAVC with dozens of famous vets and professor from home and abroad to be at stage sharing courses. RedDog was dedicated to engaging in the course, with few of the vet and professor lecturers expressed thanks to RedDog which truly serves vets.

    Vets are willing to apply to use the Joint Support released by RedDog. We believe that products which are recommended to use are worth of being trusted.

    RedDog set up a plan of study tour to school of veterinary medicine, UC Davis open to domestic vets with purpose of selecting leading veterinarians and grant a chance of study tour over Davis for learning courses with regards to animal clinical nutrition management. All cost incurred therefrom is sponsored by RedDog.

    RedDog Medical Nutrition Research Institute is committed to providing systematic and professional education courses of clinical nutrition solution as to enhance China's veterinary clinical nutrition therapy to achieve more accurate nutrition treatment level. At the same time, RedDog is striving for completing Chinese pet hospital holistic system construction of diagnosis and treatment, medicine and nutrition," to make up the shortage of supplementation.